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Coaching Images from the falls of Lora

These images are hyperlinked from the Coaching Guide to the Falls of Lora. Level 5 Project by Tony Hammock

The numbers refer to the sections of the guide

If you are a BCU or SCA coach and you would like a copy of the guide, please email tony@seafreedomkayak.co.uk

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Section 1.5 Safety

Safety don't let go of the boat.jpg (237401 bytes)  Ebb tide rescue.jpg (207711 bytes)  Safety watch out for ships.jpg (321300 bytes)  

Buddy up. Everyone should have someone watching them when they are on the moving water.

From left to right:

Emphasise the importance of not letting go of your boat.

Rescues in the current - Load and go. Empty later

Watch out for other craft. Everyone else has right of way over kayaks and canoes as they are restricted by draft.

Section 2.4 Flood tide features

Flood tide north shute wave.jpg (524180 bytes)  Flood tide north east reef eddy line.jpg (335398 bytes)  Flood tide north reef eddy line.jpg (351238 bytes)

From left to right

F1 North pier wave, just after it has started working, about one hour before Oban high water

F2 Breaking into the North Reef eddy line (south side) on a median tide

F2 Breaking into the North Reef eddy line (north side) early on during a 3.5m (HW) meter tide.

Flood tide surgery rocks wave.jpg (280544 bytes) Flood tide surgery wave Kate Dufas.jpg (286755 bytes)  Flood tide sea kayak on surgery wave.jpg (269689 bytes)

Above - F6 Surgery rocks wave on median tides. Centre picture paddler Kate Dufas

Flood tide Central Waves.jpg (188794 bytes)  Flood tide washing machine.jpg (272565 bytes)

Above left - F3 Riding the central waves. 30 minutes before high water on a moderate spring tide. Paddler - the author, Tony Hammock

Above right - F5 The washing machine. One hour before high water on a 3.8 meter (HW) tide. It gets more powerful than this!

Section 2.5 Ebb Tide Features

Ebb tide south eddyline spring tide.jpg (360758 bytes)  Ebb tide south eddyline break in.jpg (255718 bytes)  Ebb tide south eddy line maximum spring tide.jpg (254363 bytes)

Above, left to right.

E1 South eddy line. On a spring tide,

E1 Breaking in on a median tide,

E1 On a big spring tide, viewed from the north side.

Ebb tide south channel race.jpg (618574 bytes)  Ebb tide south channel race spring tide.jpg (377176 bytes)  Ebb tide south channel race average tide.jpg (204081 bytes)

Above, left to right.

E2 South channel race. Viewed from above at maximum flow spring tide

E2 Running the race (well, really, just missing the best bit of the race) on springs,

E2 Riding the race median tide.

Ebb tide north chute.jpg (345072 bytes)  Ebb tide north chute practice.jpg (406638 bytes)  Ebb tide north shute eddy line.jpg (496905 bytes)  Ebb tide north chute wrong edge.jpg (251738 bytes)

Above, left to right.

E3 North chute. Neap tide,

E3 Break in median tide,

E3 Same again later on,

E3 Getting the edge wrong.

Ebb tide Main wave.jpg (348491 bytes)  Ebb tide center wave photo by Simon Willis.jpg (414095 bytes)  Ebb tide Forever wave.jpg (257209 bytes)

Above left to right (all on spring tides)

E4 Main wave, paddler David Bainbridge in a C1 playboat.

E4 Aled Williams on the centre wave (Photo Simon Willis),

E4 The forever wave.

Ebb tide North waves white triangle curly corner.jpg (163450 bytes)  Ebb tide Rob in the white triangle.jpg (411409 bytes)  Ebb tide Curly corner 1.jpg (278915 bytes)

Above left. E6 and E7 The White Triangle (main wave in the foreground) Spring tides. Curly corner top left of picture

Above centre. White Triangle one hour after low water 2.7 meter range tide

Above right. Curly Corner on the same time and tide

Section 3.3.1 Coaching Exercises

Pooh sticks.jpg (323314 bytes)

Playing Pooh Sticks on the North Chute