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Sea kayak images

Most of these were taken by Simon Willis the day before the 06 Storm Gathering. Chris Bainbridge has also contributed

Paddlers are:

 Aled Williams - Whose innovative kayaks are now sold under the label  TideRace

Tony Hammock - of Seafreedom Kayak - Paddling a Northshore

Justine Curgenven - Demonstrating the meaning of the word "heroic". You should have seen all the video kit she had on the deck!

For action video, go and buy Justine's excellent DVD "This is the Sea 3" See Justine's website for details

Aled Williams in a Seakayak on the falls of Lora.jpg (247567 bytes)  Sea kayak product placement falls of Lora.jpg (139323 bytes)

Aled getting a stuffing on the falls of Lora_but he mastered it.jpg (147777 bytes)  Justine demonstrating heroism in a sea kayak on the falls of Lora_She had a camera system on deck too.jpg (136529 bytes)

Aled williams in his Alaw sea kayak finding out about the whirlpools on the falls of Lora.jpg (236403 bytes)  Tony Hammock surviving on the Falls of Lora.jpg (149003 bytes)

Sea kayak on the flood tide.jpg (173633 bytes)

Sea kayak on the flood tide falls of Lora.jpg (153751 bytes)    Northshore Sea kayak on the falls of Lora_Tony Hammock.jpg (179250 bytes)