Edited 03/10/2020

COVID-19 and the Falls of Lora

Kayakers, while Covid-19 regulations continue, please be aware that local people may be concerned if you are paddling the falls with more than 6 people together. Please ensure that you follow the SCA guidance. Link below.
Please read and follow the SCA guidelines in the link below. The waves will always be there.

The falls of Lora are situated six miles North East of Oban on the West Coast of Scotland.

The falls are generated when the tide level in the Firth of Lorn drops below the level of the water in Loch Etive.

On the Ebb tide, the seawater in Loch Etive pours out through the narrows which are themselves spanned by the spectacular and historic Connel Bridge. The currents and waves produced by the flood tide are also well worth seeing and paddling

The falls provide excitement for kayakers and divers as well as a stunning sight for tourists and photographers

Because the falls are tidal, they are not always flowing. This website has been established to enable anyone who wants to see or use them to be there at the right time on the right day.

The information contained in this website has been well researched, confirmed by observation and is provided in good faith. However, the timing and height of the tides can be significantly affected by atmospheric pressure and strong winds. To summarize, if you don’t have fun, it’s not our fault!

If you have any information, corrections or suggestions to add to the site or have any questions, please contact the web author on info@fallsoflora.info

Next Good Tides:

Ebb tide on Tue 25th May 2021:
    Starts at 08:41
    Good from 10:31 to 13:31
    Range 3.15m

Flood tide on Tue 25th May 2021:
    Starts at 02:06
    Good from 04:01 to 06:01
    Height 3.88m

Today’s Information

Sunrise at 04:13 / Sunset at 20:23

Tide Time Height (m) Range (m) Type Flow Starts Good from Good to
01:18 0.97 2.52 Ebb 21:17 23:07 02:03
07:23 3.64 Flood 04:08 05:53 07:53
13:37 0.97 2.67 Ebb 09:33 11:23 14:22
19:35 3.60 Flood 16:27 18:05 20:05

Today’s chart


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