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Sea Kayak Videos

September's huge Spring Tide


High tide 4.2 meters, low water 0.2 meters, range = 4.0 It was huge. The idea of this session was to break in on the south eddy line, turn and run through the waves. However, a small error on the first wave resulted in a premature turn, the kayak flipped over the wave and got muched in the next wave. A nifty roll pulled it back and the subsequent run was excellent sport. Paddler is Tony Hammock of Seafreedom Kayak

Leonie runs the falls - Spring tide September 2011


The wide angle lens makes the waves look a lot less steep than they really were. Leonie makes it look easy, but watch for the horrible hole that flashes past on the right.


Pete gets some rolling practice

Pete broke in OK, took a wave sideways without enough edge, rolled well and then got eaten by the next wave. He couldn't roll in the turbulance so he got out, waited a few moments and then got back in with a good re-entry roll. On the video it looks like Tony helps him up but actually he got up himself. Tony was just there "in case". This was on a Seafreedom Kayak Tide race paddling weekend

Nice one Pete!

Reviewing the Northshore Ocean



Mike Nelson of Northshore lent us one of his new Ocean sea kayaks to try out. - Bliss on a wave. Thanks Mike